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MSI 3460

Industry’s standard crane scale for light to medium capacity applications

The MSI-3460 “ScaleCore” measurement module features the industry leading weighing functions of previous Challenger designs plus much more. Long range viewing is enhanced with an ultra-bright LED digital display with 1.5 inch (38 mm) high digits with resolution settings of up to 10,000 divisions and precision 0.1% loading accuracy across an available capacity range of 250 to 15,000 lbs. Product operating time is extended to over 50 plus hours with a single 6-volt rechargeable battery. The original signature Challenger packaging has been upgraded to NEMA 4 / IP65 levels. Manufactured in the USA in strict compliance with the highest Safety Standards, Challenger continues to sustain minimum 200% safe and 500% ultimate load ratings. Available options include: RF remote control, MSI-8000 RF remote display and audible alarm. An electronics retrofit kit is available for customers who wish to upgrade their existing MSI-3260 or MSI-3360 Challengers to the new generation MSI-3460.

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MSI 4260

Industry’s original standard for accurate, reliable and safe overhead weighing. When introduced in 1980, the MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh established the original industry standard for accurate, reliable, and safe overhead crane weighing and material handling. After decades of production, added technology advancements, and thousands of worldwide installations, Port-A-Weigh continues to set the standard. Along with Port-A-Weigh, the MSI product offering features the most complete line of industrial crane scales.

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Cambridge Crane Scale

    Standard Features Include:
  • Capacities: 5,000 lbs to 150,000 lbs.
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of the applied load
  • Overload Indication: 105% of the rated capacity
  • Display: 1.5” High Visibility Red LED Display
  • Power:12V Rechargeable Battery (Charger included)
  • Operating Time:40 Hours Between Charges
  • Enclosure: 1/4-Inch Steel Enclosure
  • Safe Overload: 150% of Rated Capacity
  • Ultimate Overload: 500% of Rated Capacity (Breaking Strength)
  • Calibration: Digital
  • Mating Hardware: Top Eye or Shackle & Bottom Hook
  • Meter Function: On/Off, Zero, LB/KG, Gross/Net, Tare, Print
  • Handheld Remote: Zero, LB/KG, Gross/Net,Tare, Print
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