Scale and Measuring Device Calibration Services

Documented Scale Calibration and Certification
Filing Scale has been providing weighing devices and calibration services to manufacturers for over 30 years. Most manufacturers now require equipment scale and measuring device calibration services by a third party on a scheduled basis. We can provide you with the reliable on-site scale calibration services needed to maintain ISO certification. Thanks to Filing Scale’s own ISO/IEC 17025 certification, rest assured that our scale calibration and certification capabilities will meet and exceed the most demanding requirements.

Calibrate All Your Weighing and Measuring Devices at One Time With Filing Scale’s New Standardization Service
Filing Scale maintains a quality system that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in the following documents

All reference standards used by this company are traceable to NIST, Fundamental or Natural Physical Constants, or by accepted ratiometric techniques.

Whether you need on site scale calibration or certification, Filing Scale has a calibration and certification program for every need. Even if your company does not adhere to ISO, Filing Scale can calibrate and certify your scales to insure precision and accuracy.