Vehicle / Track Scales

Vehicle scales are designed for both stationary permanent installation and mobile weighing applications. Quarries, sand and gravel companies, logging companies require a truck weighing scale system that can be moved efficiently from site to site.

Permanently installed, in-motion truck scales are used in highway weigh stations and ports of entry to identify heavily loaded vehicles and direct them to a static scale for enforcement weighing. Data from the in-motion scale may also be used to determine vehicle classification or to be used in traffic flow studies.

Filing Scale also supplies the most advanced alternative to today’s railroad track scales. Cardinal-manufactured low-profile or pit type railway scale adapts to (or will be custom-made for) any combination of railcar lengths. These rugged, electronic railroad scale designs provide accuracy, dependability, and exceptionally long-term service.

Filing Scale offers you complete truck, rail car and wheel-load scale sales and service from the leading manufacturers. Selecting from the categories below, you will find a vehicle scale to suit your specific application needs.

Vehicle / Track Scales: