Floor Scales / Platform Scales

Platform floor scales provide your facility with above ground portable, stationary or built-in pit mount applications.

Optional roll-on access ramps allow for pallet trucks to bring product to be weighed directly onto the scale easily.

Wash-down challenges are typical in food processing, pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. For applications where cleanliness is an issue, Filing Scale will help you make your best choice in waterproof stainless steel or composite material floor scales.

Coil scales solve weighing needs for heavily concentrated loads. Weighing applications for this extra heavy duty floor scale include: steel coils, aluminum coils, cable spools, castings and billets.

Filing Scale offers you complete floor scale sales and service from a wide range of manufacturers. Selecting from the categories below, you will find a floor scale to suit your specific application needs.

Browse Floor Scale Styles by Application:

Browse Floor Scale Styles by Application: