Inventory Control

Rice Lake Counterpart

Counterpart configurable counting indicator converts almost any scale base into an intelligent piece-counting device, for parts of every shape and size.

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Ohaus Ranger Count 3000

Tough, Precise, Fast, Dependable.

The Ranger Count 3000 is a high-precision dedicated counting scale with advanced software for counting and packaging parts. With low Average Piece Weight (APW) alert and automatic APW recalculation, the Ranger Count offers 1:1,500,000 internal counting resolution to handle counting even the smallest parts precisely.

Standard Features Include:
  • Precise Counting and Weighing Performance with 30 Item Library
    Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 3000’s high resolution, 30 item library data storage function, APW low alert and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy.
  • The Most User Friendly Counting Scale on the Market
    The three backlit LCD displays, including a centrally located count display, along with an easy-to-navigate menu, make Ranger Count 3000 extremely simple to use and increase the proficiency of weighing and counting operations.
  • Rapid Stabilization Provides Unmatched Throughput
    View your results in less than one second, with 1 part in 1.5 million precision and see your efficiency, throughput and productivity soar!
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Pennsylvania 7600 Counting Scale

Fast, Accurate and Powerful

From simple one-button counting to sophisticated inventory control systems, the 7600 Series bench counting scales have a long list of features designed to adapt to your changing needs.

  • Single or dual base counting.
  • Percent of Error or Accuracy.
  • Sample Update.™
  • Powerful RS-232.
  • Rugged cast construction.
  • Clean, efficient design means impressive accuracy and stable counting and weighing in a wide range of requirements.
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