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Rice Lake Rail / Truck

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Cardinal Rail Hugger Low-Profile Railway Scale

The Rail Hugger is engineered to give you the most advanced alternative to today’s railroad track scales. The low-profile scale adapts to (or will be custom-made for) any combination of car lengths.

Because it is mounted above ground in a shallow, concrete foundation, there is no worry about shifting ballast resulting in weight errors. As a result, maintenance is minimized and precious track time is rarely interrupted. That translates into money saved.

Various types of weight displays and printers are available to complete your railroad scale. They include: simple or complex electronic weight displays and printers, scoreboard readouts, traffic controls and other custom weighing systems.

With the Rail Hugger, installation is rapid and simple, allowing you to get back on track fast. Weighbridge sections arrive assembled, ready to set in, and Cardinal’s load cell assemblies are easy to install, just drop them in place and level. Installation can be handled locally and usually requires only about two days.

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Cardinal RSCA Pit Type Electronic Railroad Track Scales

The massively constructed, heavy steel weighbridge is stabilized laterally with check-rods and other specially designed restraints. Weigh-rails are sealed into the platform. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive moisture, dirt and foreign materials from entering the pit of this railroad track scales.

The rugged electronic scale design provides accuracy, dependability, and exceptionally long-term service. Since there are no moving parts, no replacement of intricate, sensitive or delicate scale mechanisms will be needed. Down time is infrequent and longevity is assured. Load cells are hermetically sealed against moisture. Optional stainless steel load cells are available for added service.

The unique weighbridge design prevents lateral forces, caused from rail traffic going on and off the platform, from being transmitted to the load cells. Special load cell restraints contain flexures which maintain proper position of all load bearing plates. These special restraints also include shock absorbent material which absorbs the shock created from heavy railroad traffic.

This scale features the 777 digital weight indicator, a high speed dot matrix ticket printer, massive weighbridge, fast installation, tool steel pivots and bearings, and unbreakable steel levers.

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