Help Buying a New Industrial Scale

With so many styles and models to choose from, buying a new scale can be a daunting task. At Filing Scale, our applications specialists are ready to assist you with your new scale. Scales have always been a driving force in the world of commerce, answering the proverbial question of how much?

Industrial scales and weigh modules are used to measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications ranging from measuring small amounts of gas in a lab setting to weighing trucks, railroad cars, and storage hoppers. Depending on the application, industrial scales can calculate units of measure ranging from micrograms to tons. Filing Scale offers a scale for almost anything that needs to be weighed.

When selecting a new scale, the two primary considerations are material to be weighed and the size of the load.

Laboratory balances are ideally suited for lab work, and often have graduations as fine as a microgram.

Our Benchtop Scale category includes checkweighers (over/under scales), portable benchtop scales that can be moved from one location to another with ease, and Legal For Trade Scales which are commonly used in commercial settings where material is sold by weight.

Counting Scales are often used to verify the contents of a pre-packaged assembly kit. With the touch of a button, an operator can quickly verify that all of the screws, bolts, and related parts have been included in an assembly kit.

Floor scales provide your facility with above ground portable, stationary or built-in pit mount applications. Flexure scales are designed to absorb shock and heavy loads. Low profile scales and drum scales allow for pallet trucks to bring product to be weighed directly onto the scale easily. Coil scales are used in the steel and steel service center industries. Filing Scale also offers a complete line of portable floor scales that can be moved throughout your plant as operations change. Wash-down challenges are typical in food processing, pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. For applications where cleanliness is an issue, Filing Scale will help you make your best choice in waterproof stainless steel or composite material floor scales.

Hanging scales, or crane scales typically attach to a boom and the load is lifted with a hook. Hanging crane scales are offered for lightmedium, and heavy duty applications. Radio telemetry options are available in this class of industrial scales.

Lift Truck/Mobile Scales allow for the combination of the the lifting and weighing process. These scales are attached to a fork truck, or built into the design of a pallet truck and are excellent choices for speeding the flow of materials through a manufacturing plant.

The Vehicle / Track Scale class includes scales to weigh the contents of trucks and railroad cars. In motion vehicle scales are also included in this class.

Browse Filing Scale’s complete line of industrial scales, or if you wish, send an e-mail detailing your application and a customer service representative will contact you shortly.